Since PRI-DANA Elektronik A/S was founded the company has gone though a rapid development both expantion of the factory and technology advances.

         Company Milestones

1985     24 hours production
1991     ISO 9001
1996     Double factory area
2000     ISO 14001
2004     Expansion of capacity
2006     75 % increase of drilling capacity
         Technology Milestones

0,30 mm vias
1990     Multilayer
1992     Ni/Au - ENIG
1996     0,30 mm PCB (Mobile phone)
2000     Microvia
2002     Immersion tin
2007     Immersion silver
2009     Rogers & Arlon material
2011     Softgold
2012     PTFE material

Looking for Circuit board or PCB Circuit?

Pri-Dana produce every kind of printed circuit board and PCB´s for electronic divises

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High Quality PCB's
Multilayer PCB's
PCB's Proto Types
Hight Quality PCB's
Hight Quality PCB's
Multilayer PCB's
Multilayer PCB's
PCB's Proto Types
PCB's Proto Types