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Since 1982, it has been possible to find circuit boards from PRI-DANA in end products across many different markets. Our capabilities and expertise has evolved over the years to meet the growing demand for more high-technology and sophisticated printed circuit boards while maintaining the best quality materials suppliers to secure only the highest reliability.   

Mobile Phone

Consumer Electronics

We have serviced the consumer electronics industry since the beginning and we have evolved alongside the fast development of this industry to meet the needs for evermore sophisticated PCBs. Flex circuitry is often supplied here to allow flexible solutions in smaller devices as well as keeping costs down in a highly price competitive environment. 



Since receiving the AS 9100D certification in 2019 we have serviced the aerospace and space industry. Communications equipment, flight systems etc. used in extreme environ-mental conditions need PCBs that are proven to withstand the temperature shifts, vibration levels and other extremes that may be present. We use materials from well-recognised suppliers that further secure the highest reliability of our PCBs in this very reliability focused industry.



We work for peace and deliver only the most reliable and durable PCBs for an industry that often come with extreme conditions. High quality PCBs from PRI-DANA can be found in communications equipments, control systems and radars, and defence instrumentations.

industry machinary


We have many long-time loyal customers in the industrial sector and the PCBs we supply here must be durable enough to handle the sometimes extreme conditions of industrial facilities i.e. vibrations in machinery, high temperatures, harsh chemicals and more. As the industry modernises we also supply more sophisticated PCBs for more intelligent industrial systems and robotics.


Medical Devices

With growing technological advancements in the medical sector there is a demand for more and more specialised PCBs. We understand that reliability must be of highest priority since malfunctioning may affect patients' lives. We mainly supply HDIs for this market due to size and flexibility in productions.

Odessa's Lighthouse

Maritime Applications

We deliver printed circuit boards for navigation systems, communication systems and control systems in the maritime sector. High reliability is essential and the materials we use are also very durable to withstand rough conditions above and under water. 


Telecommunication Equipment

We supply a wide variety of circuitry boards for the telecom industry depending on the application environment - whether it is for inside or outside use, in stable or rough weather conditions etc. Quality and high reliability remains a top priority in all productions.   

Electronic Circuit Board

Electronic Manufacturing Services

We have developed a long standing partnership with our EMS customers and we understand your needs to always receive the highest reliable, best quality printed circuit boards. Our production capabilities continue to evolve to meet the needs for evermore challenging designs in future electronic devices.  

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