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We Commit to a Sustainable Future

Being a business with a production facility we acknowledge the imprint we leave on the world and we care about how this impacts the world of tomorrow. 

The production of high quality PCBs is particularly heavy on electricity but water and heating are also essential prerequisites.

We have developed 3 initiatives to reduce our footprint and do our part for a sustainable future:



​​We continue to invest in new equipment to reduce our electrical foot print. Modern equipment has more intelligent management systems that cause them to operate only when needed i.e. we use frequently controlled air compressors and we have an intelligent electricity system with sensors so lights are only turned on when needed. Lastly, it is in our investment pipeline to move towards greener energy sources such as implementation of solar panels and changing all electrical outputs to LED.


Investing in new equipment also has a positive effect on our water foot print. We have modern equipment with demand driven flow systems which has reduced our water usage with up to 40%. Moreover, we use multiple cascade rinse in all horisontal lines and top rinse technology in all vertical lines.


We are in the process of changing from gas to district heating for a more sustainable heating solution. 

Please also view our ISO certification here

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