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A Preferred Partner in
Quality Printed Circuit Boards

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in the market - always with the highest quality, technological know-how and product reliability. 

Our vision is supported by 3 values:

The entrance to PRI-DANA Elektronik HQ
Our Values

Our values are strongly embedded in our company culture and our culture has been developed with many decade-long loyal and competent employees. Our values inspire us everyday to perform even better than the day before.

The atrium in the main building of PRI-DANA Elektronik

Our core of every business relationship is to develop partnerships. We strongly believe that we can perform better together and our many loyal customers continue to be a proof of that.


We are always transparent in our way of doing business and our in-house production makes it possible to control all aspects of the supply chain, traceability, and documentation records. This will secure the most reliable and flexible solutions.

New developer Outerlayer department at PRI-DANA Elektronik
The routing department at PRI-DANA Elektronik

Flexibility is a must in a fast paced and ever-developing market. We strive to always be flexible in our deliveries and business solutions and this is a key trait in our long time role of being a preferred and trusted supplier.  

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