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Fast Production for a Fast Paced World

Just in Time Deliveries

We understand that speed-to-market can be an important competitive advantage and therefore we offer Just in Time Deliveries for both high-volume/low-mix and low-volume/high-mix depending on your needs. We can also supply efficient and fast prototyping as well as QTA services. 

Our European location furthermore secures short transportation lead times for European customers.


Please see a few time examples below of our standard delivery times or get in contact with our Sales Department for requests on more urgent orders.


Prototypes & Medium

1-2 layers


Delivery times

3-4 working days

4-5 working days

Examples of Quick Turn Orders

4 layers - 10.000 boards, size 200 x 200 mm                                              5 working days

1+8+8+1 HDI board - 5 boards                                                                  5 working days

4 layers - 600 boards, size 144 x 217 mm                                                   4 working days

Lisbeth Tychosen

Technical Sales Manager

+45 76 74 05 08

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