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Our Data Guidelines

Data Guidelines

We aim for a close cooperation with our customers to ensure that all requirements are met in the design process for optimisation of manufacturability, reliability and costs to achieve high quality PCBs.

We offer our advice in the start-up phase of a project as well as working with designers during the design phase. Moreover, we offer a review of the data set from a DFM point of view at an early stage to minimise delays and manufacturing challenges in later stages.

Data Cloud

We are able to receive almost all types of data from our customers' CAD design systems such as normal Gerber data as well as extended Gerber 274x. However, if you are able to transfer ODB++ this will speed up the production time and minimise the risks of failures.




Please get in contact with our Sales Experts for more support.




Lisbeth Tychosen

Technical Sales Manager

+45 76 74 05 08

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