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Innovative Technological Solutions

Co-Design & Co-Engineering

We offer co-design and engineering services to achieve competitive advantages with our customers. With combined technological know-how and our very specialised expertise we are able to reach qualitative excellence in the products we produce. 

Our highly professional CAD/CAM and Technology Department can support in critical engineering of PCBs to ensure only the best production quality for both prototypes and mass productions. On extremely complex board designs we offer a Manufacturing Readiness Review Meeting (MMR) based on the Design Rules Check (DRC).

Our general guidance includes; best possible multilayer stack-up to cover impedance on the circuit board, layer-to-layer distances depending on the actual customer application including identifying, if necessary, which type of dielectric or other material to be used.    

Please contact our Sales Department for support.


Lisbeth Tychosen

Technical Sales Manager

+45 76 74 05 08

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