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High Reliability at All Times

Laboratory - Check and Control

The demand for PCBs of high complexity is increasing and therefore quality controls throughout the production cycle have become more and more important to secure reliability. Reliability is essential in the production of quality PCBs and conducting test already in the design phase can verify that designs are suitable for production at scale and thus generate enormous savings later on.    

We offer laboratory check and controls that follow international recognised standards such as IPC and ESA ECSS. Our laboratory is well equipped to check and control all processes in the production of highly complex PCBs. We use Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), CMS systems, Metallographic Micro-Sections systems, and Optical Microscopes, Ionic Contamination Test System, and more. 


For more information on our laboratory check and control please contact our Quality Department.

John Dannesboe

Quality Manager

+45 75 89 23 11

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