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Printed Circuit Boards for All Needs

Rigid PCBs & HDIs

PRI-DANA Elektronik originated in the production of rigid PCBs for the Telecom Industry. Since then, our technologies have evolved into ever more specialised and highly technological solutions and today we offer a wide range of PCBs from standard rigid to extremely complex HDI's always created with the best suited materials for excellent performance.

We offer single-sided, double-sided and very complex multilayer build-ups of all kinds from standard 4 layers up to 30 layers using both HDI and SBU technology. We offer boards that are ultra thin > 0.10 mm and we are able to apply copper filled micro vias, dielectric filled and cap plated buried vias, edge plating, z-axis routing, and gold plating hard and soft. 



We have processes in place to secure that manufacturing runs according to highest standards to secure high reliability in all productions.

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