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40+ Years of Industry Know-How & Expertise
Our Company

For more than 40 years, PRI-DANA Elektronik A/S has specialised in the production of high quality printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Located in Hedensted, Denmark, our 15.000 sqm highly automated production plant operate 24 hours/day to service both OEM and EMS customers from all over the world.


Our production plant has state of the art equipment and we can deliver to customers seeking everything from simple to very complex PCBs at both small, medium and higher volumes.

Our competent employees operate according to both specific and general PCB performance standards such as Perfag, IPC, MIL, and ESA ECSS.


Our History

Since PRI-DANA Elektronik A/S was founded in 1982, the company has rapidly developed and undergone extensive expansions making room for larger scale productions and technological advancements.

The PRI-DANA History Timeline
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