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Flexible Solutions for All Needs

Flex, Rigid-Flex, and Semi-Flex

In 2013, we implemented the flex and rigid-flex technology to service the increasing demand for more complex PCBs and more flexibility of the design and in the operation of the application. Both types are well suited for electronic devices typically in industries that are heavy in communication devices such as aerospace, automotive, medical and other high end industries. 


PRI-DANA offers Flex PCBs, Semi-Flex PCBs, and Rigid-Flex PCBs.


We recommend semi-flex printed circuit boards when there is a need for a static bend or flex and rigid-flex boars are suitable when there is a need for a more dynamic bend and bow. Semi-flex boards are a cheaper alternative to flex-rigid boards. 

There are many benefits with flex and rigid-flex PCBs i.e. they have fewer assembly operations and fewer solder joints, which ensure higher connection reliability. Moreover, they are smaller, lightweight and more compact.  

Please get in contact with our Sales Experts for guidance on your needs.

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