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Galvanic Department
New Galvanic Department
Electrolytic Conformal Copper Plating

We use Cuprapulse® IN with insoluble anodes in our new vertical pulse plating line. It provides more uniform copper appearance in comparison to standard plating processes with soluble anodes. Pulse plating allows for superior throwing power in short plating time and for high throughput. 

Blind MicroVia copper filling

We use InPro® MVF2 which is the next generation HDI BMV filling. It is designed for use of insoluble anodes in DC-mode and provides excellent pattern BMV filling without dome plating at minimum plated thickness. InPro® MVF2 offers great filling capabilities and high uniformity of the plating.

Why insoluble anodes in our new line?

Soluble phosphorised copper anodes are used in many standard plating lines. Unfortunately, they create debris in the plating solution, and the current flow is difficult to control as anodes always change in shape and size. Unlike phosphorised copper anodes, insoluble anodes never create debris. They can easily be machined for optimum distribution and there is no change in anode area. This gives much better and more uniform copper plating. Instead of the copper anodes we use copper oxide powder, which gets mixed in a big mixing tank alongside the line, before flowing into the actual plating solution tank. 

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