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High Quality PCBs & Technical Support  


We offer a complete range of solutions to our business partners in a broad range of markets. 

With the AS 9100D Certification we are also licensed to support our customers within the Aerospace and Space industry.



With a highly automated production facility we secure flexible, reliable and high quality products at all times. 

We offer everything from prototypes, medium to higher volumes productions as well as fast track deliveries for urgent orders.


With our broad technological capabilities and strong know-how we are able to provide innovative solutions and support.


Our in-house production facilities offer high flexibility and speed to market for both prototypes and series productions.



About Us

Interconnection - Our Part of The Job

For more than 40 years, PRI-DANA Elektronik has been a trusted European PCB supplier. 

This is why you should choose us:


  • Speed our quickturn secures short leadtimes for both prototypes and volume productions

  • Know-how for sparring, co-design, and co-production 

  • Flexibility & Reliability in-house production and full control of the supply chain

  • State-of-the-art equipment for innovative technological solutions

  • Quality we follow certified processes and ISO standards 

  • Partnerships we value cooperation and partnerships in all processes 


Explore Our Product Portfolio

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